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I was born in England but grew up in Australia and have lived in Queensland since 1993. My first guitar was a gift as a young boy and I loved playing it. I soon joined with some friends and formed a band and we started playing at dances we organised for local teenagers. This continued through my teen years and also while completing my Degree and while employed as a Civil Engineer. Civil Engineering was my day job but my weekends were busy playing guitar as a semi-professional musician at various functions. I was born again in 1986 after the failure of a 13 year marriage as a non Christian. Some years later I remarried as a Christian. Moving to Queensland I established a guitar tuition business and developed my skills as a solo finger style acoustic guitarist. Even Christians can have failed marriages, as I did again after 11 years. I realise now that thinking all is well because you are a Christian is wrong thinking if you are not changing and starting to think and behave as the bible teaches. My aim now is to allow God's Holy Spirit to work in me to produce good fruit in life and be all He intended me to accomplish in this brief season called life on earth.