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Private Music Lessons and Fretlight Guitar School

Learning a musical instrument is so beneficial in many ways for everybody. The disciplines of attending, learning, practicing, memorising etc are all important life skills, so why not get involved. It is fun and everyone gains a great sense of achievement.

My lessons for locals are all conducted in a friendly and comfortable setting in my home studio with no stress or pressure, I'm here to help you.

Private lessons are one to one so you get 100 % of my attention. And all ages and skill levels are welcome.

Distance Lessons

You can also have lessons with me over the internet, from anywhere.

Check out zoom.us

Zoom is free for one to one conferencing and the video and audio quality is superb.

Simply set up your free account with zoom and contact me (via zoom) to set up your lesson schedule and payment details.

Limited time offer - free sample lesson available (conditions apply).

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Being a professional business, please understand the need for my rules regarding finances.

Fretlight Guitar School

Fretlight Guitar School gets you playing songs really fast.

Limited time only, sign up for our 8 week Beginner course for just $399 and receive a Fretlight 5 Guitar (included in the price !).

Enquire now 0431 674 661

In a group lesson, you will be using the latest technology in guitar tuition, a Fretlight guitar. Take advantage of special introductory rates which include a guitar for you to keep.

The Fretlight contains a hidden circuit board in the neck of a real guitar.

The Fretlight is connected to a computer, and the Fretlight Studio software does the rest.

The software allows you to select chords, scales, songs and riffs, all lighting in real-time on the Fretlight Guitar.

Many clever features facilitate learning and make it great fun.

Best of all, you’re playing a real guitar. Join a group and make new friends, even form a band.

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Fretlight Guitar School

Learn to play guitar in 8 weeks.

One hour group lessons.

Using latest technology, Fretlight is the world's fastest learning programme.

Special introductory offer, 8 week course for just $399 (including Fretlight 5 Guitar).

Enquire now 0431 674 661